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Jess Coe


​Hello! I love and consider the work I do my life's path. I have extensive training and practice in advanced massage, bodywork, yoga and mediation. My work is based in over 10 years in the healing arts, with over 1000 hours of  training at Alive and Well, The Institute for Conscious Bodywork in Mill Valley, California. Alive and Well foster conscious bodywork, an approach to therapeutic massage that incorporates the body and mind connection. In addition to release techniques, such as deep tissue and myofacial, I have advanced training in (NMR) Neuro-muscular Reprogramming with Joceyln Olivier. NMR is a muscle and structural assessment tool that restores balance and mobility to the whole body.  ​


My yoga and meditation practice informs the way I work with my clients. I focus patiently on my health and bring the same dedication and skill to helping you achieve your goals. It is my passion to cultivate vitality and share it. Listening, educating, and communicating through touch are my gifts as a healer.


As a conscious bodyworker, I’m dedicated to helping my clients achieve pain relief and deep healing. I work to positively affect your well being and help you have more freedom and joy in your body.


I look forward to working with you and thank you for visiting GroundedBodywork.

Deep Tissue, Neuro Muscular Reprogramming (NMR), sports massage for pain relief and prevention.

Jess Coe, CA-CMT

California Certified Massage Therapist

and Certified Conscious Bodyworker

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